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‘Todays Research’ is a brief weekly roundup of the latest research in a wide range of scientific disciplines as it relates to leadership, strategy, culture,  business and social trends and executive health.

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Bob and Alicia’s latest books

Leading the Future: The Human Science of Law Firm Strategy and Leadership


“Lightbulbs went off”

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Along with the much touted revolution in AI, a silent but even more profound revelation is taking place. A congruence of fields in “human science” including behavioural neurogenetics, biological psychiatry and psychology is revealing the real drivers and untapped innate capabilities of the human system.

Drs Murray and Fortinberry show how law firms can draw on the latest research to provide genuinely new opportunities and solutions to today’s challenges in the business of law.

“I found that lightbulbs went off as I reviewed the unfolding chapters—around particular issues that we (and no doubt many others) wrestle with in our business. This book will make you think. The authors draw upon both their technical knowledge and their practical experiences to provide some helpful insights….it is a welcome and useful addition to the thinking around the plethora of issues that those in law firms confront today.”

Mark Rigotti – Global CEO and Partner
Herbert Smith Freehills

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“…if we only read one book on law firm leadership this year this should be the one, in particular because it proposes some interesting solutions based on an analysis of relevant human behaviour.”      Managing Partner, Australian Law Firm


The Bigger Picture: Driving Client Value Through Collaboration

Published by Ark Group, London UK

Drs Murray and Fortinberry wrote chapter 2, “The Neuroscience of collaboration and altruism—how the latest science can boost client and team engagement,” in which they:

explain the scientific basics of collaboration and altruism

show what this means in terms of client and team engagement; and

suggest ways in which you can use this science to energize your firms

For more information about how to solidify client and team engagement contact us


Lawscape 2025: Defining the Law Firm of Tomorrow

Published by Ark Group, London UK

Drs Murray and Fortinberry wrote chapter 3, “Leading the organization of the future” in which they cover:

What leadership means to humansWhat styles of leadership are best for different situations

What science can tell us about what makes a great leader; and

Leadership in the law environment



About us

For over 20 years, Global 500 and major regional organizations have relied on Fortinberry Murray’s guidance to build and maintain competitive advantage in a rapidly changing environment.

Our deep experience applying the latest science to business challenges uniquely qualifies us to guide top leaders to shape successful strategy and drive positive change through the right leadership, culture, business development and customer relationships. Our highly experienced and accredited people offer a broad range of expertise and services rigorously tailored to your needs.

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