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Alicia Fortinberry, PhD


Dr Alicia (PhD Org Psych) applies award-winning thought leadership, based on the new science of being human, to the challenges facing today’s global organisations.  Drawing on the latest science of human motivation and change, she enables organisations to shape strategy and be far more effective by aligning processes to our neurobiology and genetics.  Alicia has gained global recognition for her powerful, lasting impact on organisations and leaders.  In addition to her work as a consultant, facilitator and high-level executive coach, she is a best-selling author and keynote speaker.

Presented in simple, practical and engaging terms, this new approach is transforming how organisations understand individual motivation and the capacity to change and innovate.  Focusing on what is innately human, Alicia translates the most recent research into very practical and relevant concepts and skills that can be used immediately to enhance leadership and effectiveness for outstanding client engagement.

Alicia’s pioneering work uniquely brings together a confluence of new research from fields including not only psychology but also neurobiology, behavioural genetics, biological psychiatry and anthropology.

She has contributed to a range of professional journals as well as popular press including Psychology Today, Discovery, National Employment Weekly and Working Woman.  Her previous employers include The Mount Sinai Medical Center, News Limited People magazine and Time Warner.

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Bob Murray, MBA, PhD


Bob Murray, PhD (Clinical Psychology), co-founder of Fortinberry Murray, is an internationally recognized expert in strategy, leadership development and behavioral change.

Distinguished for his ability to uncover the core of an issue, Bob has developed groundbreaking methods for measuring, benchmarking and improving an organization’s capacity for change and adaptation. He specializes in ensuring executive teams develop and drive strategies that will be embraced and actioned. He has worked with firms in the US, Australia, Asia and Europe.

Bob’s insights are based on his wide experience and also on his deep knowledge of research in the areas of management, psychology, genetics and neurobiology.  His work with Alicia on the development of personality earned them the American Science Achievement Award.  They also advised the US government on workplace stress and other workplace issues.

He is an acclaimed keynote speaker and is widely published.  Bob has been frequently quoted in major publications such as The New York Times, Entrepreneur and Sydney Morning Herald.  He is a regular contributor to top publications such as Lawyers Weekly, GRC Profressional, Solicitors Journal and Effective Executive.

Bob has lectured at Sydney, Duke, Tufts, South Florida and California State universities.

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