The importance of empowerment.

Alicia and I have been doing a lot of research into and teaching about workplace empowerment recently. A ton of research has shown, for example, that empowered employees are more productive, proactive and have a greater sense of well-being. Now it would seem that they can be empowered, or at least proactive, even when they don’t trust their leaders.… [read more]

Simple Tool Shows Lasting Reduction in Burnout

Burnout is one of the most pressing problems facing professionals of all kinds. We are constantly being asked to do more with fewer resources to try to grasp an increasing share of an ever-decreasing economic pie for our employers. This pressure will continue for the foreseeable future.… [read more]

Were the Neanderthals smarter than we are?

Neanderthals had larger brains than modern humans do, and a new study of a Neanderthal child’s skeleton now suggests this is because their brains spent more time growing. Modern humans are known for having unusually large brains for their size. It takes a lot of energy to develop such large brains, and previous research suggested that the high cost of modern-human brain development was a key reason why human growth, in general, is slow compared with that of other primates.… [read more]

Motivation may be less limited than we think.

Although we tire at specific tasks a study has found that the motivation to work may be stable throughout the day.

After a long day of work and carefully watching what you eat, you might expect your self-control to slip a little by kicking back and cracking open a bag of potato chips.… [read more]

You can ‘pick up’ a good or bad mood from your friends.

Fortunately, depression doesn’t have the same effect. The new research suggests that both good and bad moods can be ‘picked up’ from friends, but depression can’t.

What the researchers say: The team analyzed data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health which incorporates the moods and friendship networks in the US.… [read more]

Upward mobility between generations ain’t what we thought.

As political rhetoric containing promises of education, social opportunities and other development for disadvantaged people continues to fill the airwaves, economics researchers have developed state-of-the-art statistical methods that uncover the impact of different aspects of upward mobility (or lack thereof), aside from parental income.… [read more]

Link between positive emotions and health depends on culture.

This is a very interesting piece of research which may well change the way we look at a large number of issues regarding culture.

What the researchers say: Positive emotions are often seen as critical aspects of healthy living, but new research suggests that the link between emotion and health outcomes may vary by cultural context.… [read more]

Scientists find secret to thriving.

Scientists find secret to thriving. Surprise, surprise according to new research published in European Psychologist, what it takes to thrive, rather than merely survive, is probably as simple as feeling good about life and yourself and being good at something. .… [read more]