The brain develops as it ages.

A new study reveals that brain signals in specific regions change over a lifespan in ways that might be important for maintaining flexibility. The normal brain, in other words, does not decay with age, it adapts.

What the researchers say: The brain is a complex organ—a network of nerve cells, or neurons, producing thought, memory, action, and feeling.… [read more]

Officers on afternoon shift report being more fatigued.

Much has been talked about the stress and fatigue levels of people who work different shifts at work. A new study is of great interest in this respect. What it found was that police officers on the afternoon shift are twice as likely to report being tired, according to a University at Buffalo-led study.  … [read more]

No evidence that brain-stimulation technique boosts cognitive training.

The idea that there is a simple way of making human beings smarter has been around forever.  It remains elusive but a heck of a lot of money has been made by those that have come up with false answers.An interesting bit of research illustrates how a fad method can become accepted and entrenched without it having any real benefit.… [read more]

A parent, or a leader, must have a sense of being in control.

Most parents will agree that children present a never-ending series of behavioral challenges. Tantrums, picky eating and poor sleeping behavior are often cited as the more stressful part of raising a child. How parents deal with these challenges determines a child’s physical, psychological and emotional development.… [read more]

Women “damned either way” on maternity leave.

Maternity leave has always been a contentious issue, and probably will remain a contentious issue. Alicia and I wrote a lot about it in our book “Raising an Optimistic Child” a few years ago. We looked at the issue from the point of view of the child—how much time with the mother was essential.… [read more]