Polluted air pollutes morality.

Exposure to air pollution, or even imagining exposure to air pollution, may lead to unethical behavior, according to findings published in the journal Psychological Science. A combination of archival and experimental studies indicates that exposure to air pollution, either physically or mentally, is linked with unethical behavior such as crime and cheating.… [read more]

How Employees respond to abusive supervision.

A recent study examined the damaging impact abusive supervision has in the workplace including the ways employees respond with retaliatory behavior, which lowers productivity.

What the researchers say: Abusive supervision refers to subordinates’ perceptions of supervisors engaging in the sustained hostile verbal and nonverbal behaviors, excluding physical contact.… [read more]

Ethical leadership can have negative consequences.

A new study has found that coupled with stress, ethical leadership can lead to employee deviance and turnover.

Certainly, management experts say that ethical leadership is a good thing—how could it be otherwise? But ethical leadership can have negative consequences, too, according to this research.… [read more]

Working in a dimly-lit office makes us 30% dumber

Spending too much time in dimly lit rooms and offices may actually change the brain’s structure and hurt one’s ability to remember and learn, indicates groundbreaking research by a team of neuroscientists.

What the researchers say: The researchers studied the brains of Nile grass rats (which, like humans, are diurnal and sleep at night) after exposing them to dim and bright light for four weeks.… [read more]

The real drivers of fundamentalist hate

Why do some Westerners attack Muslim minorities and asylum seekers and why do some Muslims support and engage in terror against the West? Some fascinating new research suggests that the reasons for such extreme behavior might be the same in both groups.[read more]

“Cut-throat business competition” isn’t real

Contrary to popular opinion and thousands of movies recent research shows that global syndicated markets take a relational approach to competition.

The perception of competition in business is often negatively skewed, with images of Wolf of Wall Street types running greedy firms who are out to win at any cost.… [read more]

Why some of your old work commitments never seem to go away

Years after I ceased to be a TV producer/director for the BBC I would replay old programs in my mind and devise ways to make them better, more entertaining, more engaging. I won three major awards in my relatively brief time on the job, but perhaps in my mind there’s never a perfect show.… [read more]