Why older workers may be more stressed than younger workers

Older workers tend to feel more stress than younger workers when their employers don’t provide them with the support and resources needed to do their jobs well, according to a new study in the Journal of Vocational Behavior.

What the researchers say: The research team surveyed 243 municipal public works employees between the ages of 24 and 64 over the course of a year.… [read more]

A dog called Everything and the law

A Rottweiler called “Everything” died five years ago.  On the anniversary of this tragic event his owner paid a special tribute to his beloved dog in a social media tribute that went viral.  Everyone loves and trusts their own dogs, even though many people don’t trust dogs—especially large ones—in general.… [read more]

Hostility towards minorities can be contagious.

Some fascinating research finds that if people act in a hostile way towards other ethnic groups, they easily find imitators.

What the researchers say: Inter-ethnic conflicts often escalate surprisingly quickly. In a recent study, researchers experimentally investigated the influence of the environment on peoples’ hostility against minorities.… [read more]

If you believe it, it’s truer.

The sad fact is that people reflexively accept information as accurate if it aligns with their worldview. This is true no matter how much big data you throw at the issue. Facts do not mold opinions or decisions.

Now a new study illuminates how rapid, involuntary mental processes kick in when responding to statements that correspond with an already held viewpoint.… [read more]

Aggression at work can lead to ‘vicious circle’ of misconduct

A cycle of bullying begetting bullies seen in childhood has now been shown to hold good in the workplace. New research, carried out in the healthcare sector but with important implications for all workplaces, reveals that frequently being the target of workplace aggression not only affects the victim’s health but can also cause them to behave badly towards others.… [read more]

Having two jobs is great for employers.

Increasingly low-paid part-time and gig-work is all that is being offered and robots and digitization take over more and more of the work that businesses need done (see story in Friday’s New York Times). Many workers are happy with this as it gives them more time and choice of if or when to work.… [read more]

Digital addiction increases loneliness, anxiety and depression

Following on Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s self-serving testimony on Capitol Hill a bit of a look is in order into some of the effects which his addictive technology has produced.   Smartphones are an integral part of most people’s lives, allowing us to stay connected and in-the-know at all times.… [read more]

Open plan offices make us more image-conscious.

Employees subconsciously act and dress differently in modern open-plan office environments, according to a new study published in the journal Gender, Work and Organization.

Researchers over the course of three years analyzed the behavior of around 1,000 employees at a UK local authority that moved from six separate departmental buildings into a new shared office complex.… [read more]

Feelings of ethical superiority can be dangerous

Do you consider yourself more ethical than your coworker? Research flagged recently in TR shows that most of us do. However, take care. Your feelings of ethical superiority can cause a chain reaction that is detrimental to you, your coworker and your organization.… [read more]