Can our genes be “turned on or off”?

For a long time we have been interested in the way that relationship experience can affect the way a person’s genes express themselves. Daniel Golman wrote about this in his book “Social Intelligence.”

Now a new study has revealed the precise mechanism of how so-called “soft genes” can be influenced by the behavior of others and by particular circumstances.… [read more]

Addicted to mobile devices

A great article in the journal of the Wharton Business School newsletter details the addictive nature of Blackberries, iPhones etc and shows how they actually reduce productivity rather than increase it.

One of the interesting quotes from the article is by Prof.… [read more]

Job insecurity linked to heart disease

A study printed in the Spanish Journal of Psychology reinforces the well-known fact that fear of job loss reduces commitment, satisfaction with work and life, and therefore productivity. The study finds that this holds true of all workers—blue collar, white collar or professional (though each group reacts to insecurity differently)—and all types of workers—contract, permanent, part time or full time, male or female.… [read more]

How to inspire people—Part 2

The how-to of being inspiring…

To inspire through ideas you need to have a spiritual message. This need not be religious and indeed in the context of work a religious message may well be out of place. But it has to give people the feeling that you can connect them to some higher purpose.… [read more]

Why culture is key to competitive advantage

This is an interesting article from Forbes Magazine with some nice language. Main point: culture is the only truly competitive advantage. We certainly agree with that.


Older, wiser… and happier?

This article from the Consumer Research Journal is interesting in that it equates our concept of happiness with age. It is important not just for marketers, but also for recruiters and company executives aiming to create a “happy” workplace (happiness has been shown to be a great influencer of productivity).… [read more]

Being left or right handed influences the decisions we make

Yet more research on the irrationality of decision making comes in this piece on the relationship between handedness and decision making. Very important for marketing, sales and persuasion techniques.

Source:… [read more]

Happy workers are not necessarily most productive workers …

For a long time now researchers have been saying that happy workers are productive workers. It has almost become a mantra with many consultancies, and indeed a number of them have made this their chief and only credo.

Well research coming in now is tending to show that in the words of the immortal George Gershwin “It ain’t necessarily so!”

The research…

Researchers led by Dr Steven Wood (2012) from the University of Leicester have recently completed a study on productivity, job satisfaction and happiness to try and find the best management method for an efficient and satisfied workplace.… [read more]

How to inspire people—Part 1

Inspire: From Latin inspirare—to breathe

Let me begin with a statement of the obvious, for which I profusely apologize in advance. However this obvious statement is often forgotten by corporate leaders, firm partners and even politicians. Leaders engage and inspire others—that is how their work gets done.… [read more]

National Medal of Science nomination

We found out yesterday that we’ve been nominated by the American Association for the Advancement of Science for the National Medal of Science for our “revolutionary” (their words, not ours) work on a new theory of personality and its implications for depression and other mental disorders.… [read more]