Who makes the best CEO?

I am frequently asked the question: what sort of person makes the best CEO?

Does a man or a woman make a better CEO? Is it better to have a young CEO or an older one? Is being an extrovert leader better than being an introvert?… [read more]

How your assumptions might be tripping you up

Every day you make decisions about events, reports, people or products. Yet research indicates that 65% of these decisions will be wrong.

One reason is that most decisions rest on our tacit assumptions and these are often untested and even unconscious.… [read more]

Mind meld is real and a great business asset

Using good conversational tools you can literally get on someone’s wavelength and form a solid relationship. According to new research from Princeton, when two people talk and listen to each other respectfully new research their brains literally synch up. You can master this process to enhance problem-solving, influencing and leadership.… [read more]

An addictive drug that’s good for business!

Imagine if instead of all the hard work involved in creating an environment in which people are happy and effective they could just dole out “happy pills…”

I am pleased to report that the answer is yes. Sort of. There is a substance which, administered regularly, will vastly enhance the mood and performance of people and, according to recent research, improve profitability by 20%.… [read more]