Leading the Future: The Human Science of Law Firm Strategy and Leadership

By Dr Bob Murray and Dr Alicia Fortinberry

Along with the much touted revolution in AI, a silent but even more profound development is taking place.  A congruence of fields in “human science” including behavioural neurogenetics, biological psychiatry and psychology is revealing the real drivers and untapped innate capabilities of the human system.

Drs Murray and Fortinberry show how law firms can draw on the latest research to provide genuinely new opportunities and solutions to today’s challenges in the business of law.

Neurogenetics_cover_72dpi_595x890px“I found that lightbulbs went off as I reviewed the unfolding chapters – around particular issues that we (and no doubt many others) wrestle with in our businesses.This book will make you think.

For those active in the legal sector or with an interest in it, this looks at a number of familiar issues through a different lens.  It looks at the various behavioral and physiological elements relevant to people and law firms and how these intersect with getting things done and making change happen in law firms.”

Mark Rigotti
Global CEO and Partner
Herbert Smith Freehills




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“Volatile and changing times call for different ways of thinking to solve and make progress against both the perennial issues and new emerging issues for legal businesses.  Some of the lessons in this book can help, especially in terms of interacting with the people that make up our businesses.

The book oscillates between big directional themes that act as a backdrop to a lot of things that might be happening within one’s business – and then some very practical pithy tips.

The authors draw upon both their technical knowledge and their practical experiences to provide some helpful insights into things like – implementing strategy to make them work; leading clever committed people; implementing change and unlocking the conundrum of collaboration.”

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