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Hodgart Associates is a specialist consultancy offering strategic and organisation development advice to professional service firms globally, primarily those in the legal, accounting, property advisory and funds management sectors. Alan Hodgart established the firm in 1990 and Hodgart Associates is recognized by the market as one of only two or three leaders in this segment in the world.

Within the legal sector, Hodgart Associates has advised firms of all sizes and types in all the worlds major jurisdictions, and backs their advice with wide experience. In addition, they have advised global networks of accountants and some of the world’s largest property advisors.

Hodgart Associates provides evidence-based consulting with a unique understanding of three key characteristics:

1. Long term industry dynamics.  Industry structure and trends in competitive dynamics form a crucial part of strategy, and market segmentation is a critical aspect of this. The identification of strategic positioning possibilities flows from understanding market trends.

2. The client dimension. They conduct in-depth research in order to understand client’s buying decisions and their views about the competitive strengths of firms in each industry segment. This achieves clarity around the current pattern of clients’ needs and their perceptions of the market.

3. The organizational capabilities and patterns must be assessed in terms of the firms ability to exploit market trends and implement an effective strategy. This includes higher level issues such an organization structure, economic structure, culture, and profit and performance management. It also includes remuneration systems and operational issues such as client relationship management, service delivery quality, work processes, pricing models and cost management processes.

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