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The correlation between obesity and income is only recent

It is well known that poorer Americans, Australians or Europeans are more likely to be obese or suffer from diabetes.

This is relatively recent and has only developed in the past 30 years, according to an international team of researchers. They found that since 1990, the rise of obesity and diabetes was fastest among the poorest U.S.… [read more]

Our behavior is still shaped by the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution of 200 years ago, powered by coal and steam engines, and laid the foundations of modern society. World-first research by a number of universities has found its effects are still felt and not in a good way.

What the researchers say: The Industrial Revolution casts a long shadow with former coal-mining and manufacturing communities in the UK the US still struggling.… [read more]

Depression, burnout and low quality of life.

Human stress is simply a result of our modern society forcing us to try and exceed our genetic design specs. We are simply not designed to live in a materialistic unequal society and work in the ways and for the long hours that we do.… [read more]

Stress primes the brain for PTSD.

It has been known for a while that high levels of stress can cause a lot of illnesses, mental and physical. One of those ailments is PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), which is on the really serious end of the anxiety spectrum.… [read more]

Anxious people are less cooperative and pro-social.

An interesting article in the September edition of Social Neuroscience has shown the genetic link between altruistic (pro-social) behavior and anxiety, particularly social anxiety (everything from shyness to agoraphobia).  The researchers found that those who were genetically predisposed to social anxiety tended to be less altruistic than those who were.… [read more]

Environmental degradation leads to increased depression.

The idea that humans need a healthy environment to remain mentally healthy has been known since the days of 19th century philosopher and psychologist William James. Now a study published in the journal Ecopsychology has shown a direct link between environmental degradation and major depression.… [read more]

Is psychopathy a mental disorder or not?

We all know that psychopaths and sociopaths are mad, right? The psychopath down the hall is a charming, but dangerous, lunatic, obvious? Well a recent study in the journal Evolutionary Psychology and Neuroscience challenges all these assumptions and has caused a storm of controversy.… [read more]