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“Cut-throat business competition” isn’t real

Contrary to popular opinion and thousands of movies recent research shows that global syndicated markets take a relational approach to competition.

The perception of competition in business is often negatively skewed, with images of Wolf of Wall Street types running greedy firms who are out to win at any cost.… [read more]

Depression, burnout and low quality of life.

Human stress is simply a result of our modern society forcing us to try and exceed our genetic design specs. We are simply not designed to live in a materialistic unequal society and work in the ways and for the long hours that we do.… [read more]

Trouble at the lab.

For some time it has been an open secret that there was something rotten in the state of peer review publishing. However it was a subject rarely, if ever, mentioned. The truth is that a great deal of really bad research is being published even in prestigious journals such as Science and Nature.… [read more]

Bacteria—individuals or a ‘superorganism’?

You all know bacteria, don’t you? The little single-celled creatures that swarm almost everywhere and in almost every possible environment on Earth. Well it turns out that there are some things we didn’t know about them after all. A paper in the  upcoming September edition of Environmental Microbiology details research which shows that bacteria may not be all that simple after all.… [read more]

‘Use DSM-5 cautiously, if at all.’

Tomorrow the American Psychiatric Association launches the updated bible of the profession, the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Already the book is under fierce attack for pandering too much to drug companies and for medicalizing almost every imaginable human behavior.… [read more]

Facebook psychosis

For a while it has been known that addiction to websites such as Facebook, Twitter et al can cause depression. Now an investigator at the University of Tel Aviv has found that it can also cause psychosis. The patients he describes sought refuge from loneliness in social networking sites and chat rooms.… [read more]

Lawyers should learn from psychology

According to a book written by Jennifer Robbennolt, professor of both law and psychology at University of Illinois, there is a very interesting interview with her in the current issue of Monitor on Psychology. This is a must-read for lawyers and other professionals and those involved in developing them.… [read more]

For development a human needs a nurturing environment

We tend to think of ‘development needs’ as essentially to do with children. However our brains develop throughout our lives, and adults have developmental needs as well. An article in American Psychologist sets out clearly what kind of environment a brain—of any age—needs for its development.… [read more]

Hire people on the basis of character strengths

According to Swiss researchers, people who feel that their character strengths are aligned with their work are happier at work and more productive. In fact they tend to see their job as their calling in life. Everyone has two to seven of these strengths which they see as being central to them—what the researchers call ‘signature strengths’.… [read more]