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Work stress on the rise

Some scary stats were quoted in a piece on work stress in today’s UK Daily Mail. Studies recently reported elsewhere have shown that work stress is increasing and costs US business anywhere from $300 billion (2011 estimate by International Stress Management Association) to $500 billion (2012 study by NIMH).… [read more]

‘Facebook Envy’ makes people feel a failure

Personally  I think Facebook is pernicious and there is an increasing amount of evidence to that effect. The latest, reported in London’s Daily Telegraph comes from German scientists who are worried about a psychological disorder they call ‘Facebook Envy.’ This happens when users of the site read glowing reports of other people’s accomplishments, vacations, jobs and so forth.… [read more]

Leaders less stressed than subordinates

A study published in the journal PNAS shows the neurochemical reason why, as many studies have previously found, leaders are much less stressed than their subordinates and that stress increases the lower you go down the ranks. It turns out that the increased autonomy—control over their environment—that leaders have decreases the amount of the stress hormone cortisol that they have in in their system.… [read more]

Job loss results in later heart attack

It has been known for some time that certain major stressors predispose a person to heart disease, and it has always been assumed that job loss would be one of these. However there has never been a direct correlation proven, until now.… [read more]

Stress prevents efficient working of short-term memory

Researchers at the University of Madison-Wisconsin have found that stress, even quite mild stress, can disrupt the working of short-term memory (STM). STM enables concentration (e.g. the ability to remember the beginning of a sentence when you reach the end). The neurons in the prefrontal cortex, where STM is located, need to be stimulated with fresh information every second in order for STM to function properly.… [read more]

Bad relationships can cause cancer

In a talk to be given at the American Psychological Association annual conference, University of Massachusetts professor Paula Pietromonaco will outline how the stress hormone cortisol is elevated in relationships where there is insufficient attachment. This elevation can lead to chronic disease, cancer and birth defects.… [read more]

The stress/depression link

In our books, Raising an Optimistic Child and Creating Optimism we wrote about the probable link between stress and depression. The truth of this and the mechanism by which stress induces depression have now been proven. Research published earlier this week in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that stress blocks a gene called nuritin and this in turn leads to the harmful effects of stress on crucial areas the brain leading to depression and other mood disorders.… [read more]

Work stress may cause dementia

Workplace stress is slated to increase by over 200% over the next few years according to previous studies (it was up by 72% in Australia in the three years prior to 2008) and work-related stressors are the biggest stress factor in modern society.… [read more]

Long commutes really, really bad for your health

It’s been known for some time that the longer you sit the more likely you are to have heart problems. A study published today shows that long commutes by automobile are a major contributor to this. Commutes through congested areas also contribute to high blood pressure and stress.… [read more]