Debt leads to mental illness.

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During these times more and more people are getting into debt. At the same time there is an increasing incidence of mental illness in the community. Researchers at U Southampton claim that the two are linked. It may be, they claim, that more people with mental illness get into debt and that being in debt leads to mental illness. This finding—which is the result of a meta-analysis reported in the current edition of the journal  Clinical Psychology Review—has relevance for businesses in a number of ways. Firstly the burden of mental illness (especially depression, anxiety, psychosis and undue stress) is an enormous drain on productivity and secondly, as previous studies have shown, being in debt has deleterious effects on concentration, decision-making and ethical behavior. A debt-burdened manager or executive or partner in a professional services firm, is therefore a risk to the organization in many ways. Most businesses do not generally investigate the debt levels of staff, even senior staff. The time is coming when they might feel compelled to do so.