Elearning packages

Want to further extend and embed our core skills and behaviors organization-wide?

In all our areas of focus, we can design and implement dynamic and compelling online learning experiences tailored to your needs, helping you achieve your strategic people initiatives. Conveying the personality, authority and expertise of Dr Bob Murray and Dr Alicia Fortinberry, our elearning helps you get the buy-in you need to produce lasting results for your employees and your organization.

How do we do this?

Step 1: Needs

We meet with you to identify the core behaviors and actions that will support your business goals.

Step 2: Design

We design online activities that will help your employees practice the behaviors and determine the best way to produce them: branching scenarios, video, interactive storytelling, animation, illustration, virtual webinars and online performance support tools.

Step 3: Production

We develop and produce the online learning experience.

Step 4: Deployment

We deploy the online learning on your learning management system, intranet or social learning platform. Or we can host the learning ourselves.

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Elearning example—Building an agile, high-performing, client-focused firm

A top-tier global law firm engaged us to design and deliver a blended program as part of a strategic initiative to build a more agile, high-performing, client-focused firm to truly differentiate themselves in today’s challenging and competitive market place.

We delivered a series of four modules in a blended format. Comprising face-to-face workshops, virtual seminars and interactive elearning modules, we were able to have a much greater reach and impact for the long-term benefit of the firm.Partners and senior associates learned new, evidence-based approaches to building strong, enduring relationships with clients, significantly and measurably improving their client relationship skills.

The elearning component of the program focused on embedding a consistent approach and skill-set that partners could immediately use to maximize the brain’s trust and relationship-building capacity and influence clients to engage their services.

Skills include asking more questions, listening more attentively and praising clients to quickly establish trust and rapport, and eliciting needs and concerns to increase a client’s commitment to engage services. This enables partners to access areas of the client’s brain involved in trust, new ideas and decision-making, bypassing the fight, flight or freeze reaction that might otherwise derail successful negotiations.

Using a scenario-based approach, the elearning is centered on a branched video activity for an initial client meeting. Animated feedback shows what’s happening in the brain at key points in the conversation. It also provides quick tips and research snippets that support the skills and downloadable job aids.

While the skills, techniques and concepts are very much Fortinberry Murray, we worked with the client to customize in terms of scenario context, business development process and branding.

The elearning is being delivered through the client LMS. The elearning has been very well received by key stakeholders and partners. As a result, partners have adopted a more flexible, proactive attitude around new business, building stronger relationships with clients and better articulating their value and differentiation as individuals and teams.