Mind changing can be risky.

When leaders use a moral argument rather than a pragmatic one as the basis for a position, they may be judged harshly if they change that position later. They are perceived as hypocrites, less effective and less worthy of future support, according to research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.[read more]

Behavioral ‘nudges’ offer a cost-effective policy tool

Governments, and businesses around the world have increasingly turned to behavioral science to help address various policy problems—new research shows that some of the best-known strategies derived from behavioral science, commonly referred to as ‘nudges,’ may be extremely cost effective.   The new study, which examined the cost-effectiveness of nudges and typical intervention strategies like financial incentives side-by-side, found that nudges often yield particularly high returns at a low cost when it comes to boosting retirement savings, college enrollment, energy conservation, and vaccination rates.… [read more]

The brain develops as it ages.

A new study reveals that brain signals in specific regions change over a lifespan in ways that might be important for maintaining flexibility. The normal brain, in other words, does not decay with age, it adapts.

What the researchers say: The brain is a complex organ—a network of nerve cells, or neurons, producing thought, memory, action, and feeling.… [read more]

Officers on afternoon shift report being more fatigued.

Much has been talked about the stress and fatigue levels of people who work different shifts at work. A new study is of great interest in this respect. What it found was that police officers on the afternoon shift are twice as likely to report being tired, according to a University at Buffalo-led study.  … [read more]

No evidence that brain-stimulation technique boosts cognitive training.

The idea that there is a simple way of making human beings smarter has been around forever.  It remains elusive but a heck of a lot of money has been made by those that have come up with false answers.An interesting bit of research illustrates how a fad method can become accepted and entrenched without it having any real benefit.… [read more]