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Depression, burnout and low quality of life.

Human stress is simply a result of our modern society forcing us to try and exceed our genetic design specs. We are simply not designed to live in a materialistic unequal society and work in the ways and for the long hours that we do.… [read more]

Environmental degradation leads to increased depression.

The idea that humans need a healthy environment to remain mentally healthy has been known since the days of 19th century philosopher and psychologist William James. Now a study published in the journal Ecopsychology has shown a direct link between environmental degradation and major depression.… [read more]

Debt leads to mental illness.

During these times more and more people are getting into debt. At the same time there is an increasing incidence of mental illness in the community. Researchers at U Southampton claim that the two are linked. It may be, they claim, that more people with mental illness get into debt and that being in debt leads to mental illness.… [read more]

Depression is really three distinct disease

Speaking of genetics there was a good article on the biology of mental disorders in the New York Times last Sunday called ‘The New Science of Mind’. It was followed the next day by a letter to the editor from Professor Max Fink of Stonybrook University.… [read more]

If someone is depressed, don’t ask them how they feel

A study which could change the course of depression treatment for MDD (major depressive disorder), and is therefore really of interest to business (because depression is one of the greatest barriers to productivity) was published  in the current edition of the journal Depression Research and Treatment.… [read more]

Social defeat and depression

A fascinating video is in the current on-line edition of Psychiatric Times, which I recommend to all HR professionals and anyone concerned with the treatment of depression. It is given by Professor of Neuroscience Eric Nestler of the Mount School of Medicine.… [read more]

Holidays and suicide

Since today is a holiday (Queen’s Birthday) I thought that a holiday story was called for. And a happy one. For many years the authors of scholarly articles, and journalists, have perpetuated the idea that more people commit suicide on holidays than at any other time.… [read more]

Is this peptide the key to depression?

Business loses more money due to the epidemic of workstress-related depression than to any other cause. The figure is estimated by some researchers to be around $300 billion in the US alone. The answer must be two-fold: prevention in the form of a drastic reduction in work-related stress (unlikely in the near term since most employers don’t even recognise the problem) and a cure.… [read more]

Panic attacks and suicide

Almost every HR professional has had to deal with an employee who says that they have been suffering from panic attacks. Frequently they ask me “what is the danger of this person self-harming?” The linkages between panic attacks, depression and suicide have, up to now, been unclear.… [read more]