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Low skilled, low paid workers of the world don’t unite

Marx was wrong, according to some interesting new research. Workers in low-skilled, low paid employment don’t unite to protect their interests.

The belief that members of the “precariat”—the group of workers found in insecure, low-waged employment—are united against their bosses isn’t necessarily true.… [read more]

The real drivers of fundamentalist hate

Why do some Westerners attack Muslim minorities and asylum seekers and why do some Muslims support and engage in terror against the West? Some fascinating new research suggests that the reasons for such extreme behavior might be the same in both groups.[read more]

The desire to share wealth has nothing to do with fairness

In a new study, researchers found support for the theory that redistribution is a function of compassion, self-interest, and envy—but not fairness.

What the researchers say: Economic redistribution has been a core political dispute around the world for centuries. And while intuitively fairness seems a natural explanation for why people support redistribution, the researchers found that fairness doesn’t really explain who supports redistribution or why.… [read more]

Brands can tempt us to lie, cheat and steal

While many people consider themselves generally moral and honest, even the most upstanding citizens will likely become willing to lie, cheat and steal under certain circumstances, according to evidence from a new study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

What the researchers say: If consumers believe that a company is harmful in some way—to the environment or to people – then they feel justified participating in illegal activities, such as shoplifting, piracy or hacking, according to findings in the study.… [read more]

People avoid the moral contagion of ‘dirty money’

Social scientists have long assumed that most people are willing to cross ethical boundaries in order to amass wealth. However a study published today by researchers at UC Berkeley has challenged that assumption. In fact the reverse appears to be true.… [read more]

Surveys don’t accurately reveal true opinions

A fascinating study from Sweden was published today in the journal PLOS ONE. The researchers gave participants a survey to complete. They then, a little while later, reviewed their answers with them. In the meantime they had changed the questions so that the answers the participants gave were the very opposite of what they had originally intended.… [read more]