Talks and Keynotes

Drs. Bob Murray and Alicia Fortinberry are frequently invited to speak on a range of topics applying the latest Human Science™ principles and techniques to issues and opportunities of enterprises, governments and professional organizations. These talks are characterised by their award-winning thought leadership around human motivation and development, backed by deep experience in helping organizations find practical solutions and an understanding of today’s business and social challenges.

Participants tell us these talks are thought-provoking, lively, engaging and full of tips that can be immediately put to use. To find out more about how we could add insight and engagement to your event with talks tailored to your audience, please contact us.

Dr Bob Murray is a member of Professional Speakers Australia. To view his profile, testimonials and find out more about the presentations that Bob can give, click here.


Want to learn more about how we can make workspaces that are fit for humans?


Watch Bob’s recent presentation to ARUP in London by clicking here



“My third brain wants to touch yours: why we like live events”


Hear more about Bobs recent presentation at the ICON Melbourne Forum on 15 June 2017 by clicking here


Sample topics of presentation

The Science of High Performance: Creating, motivating and leading high performing teams

The Art of Persuasion, Trust and Selling services

The Science of Creating High Performance Teams

The science of selling your services: new research shows how you can attract clients, and make them loyal to your partners and the firm

Making professional service firms relevant in the age of AI

Building a high performance culture: what really makes human beings work

The human science of ethics

Expanding your influence: ensuring your message gets through at all levels

Creating a culture of compliance; The art and science of Influencing

Optimistic workplaces and how to create one

Leadership and Culture reimagined – A transformative approach to Management and Productivity

Selling the Striatum: Win new business and increase client loyalty

How to convince anybody of anything – the science of influencing people

How to get people engaged in safety

Making safety really important: What behavioral science tell us

Planning for growth – what clients won’t tell you about what influences their decisions

Debunking the relationship myth: Why attachment theory is important in sales

Total commitment: What the latest science can teach law firms about building lasting engagement and loyalty in clients and people.

Having difficult conversations and setting boundaries

Agile Leadership: Leadership skills needed in an activity-based workplace

Some previous talks

ANZ 2018 (Melbourne)-“New ways of leading and influencing”

Zaparas Lawyers 2018 (Mornington Peninsula, Victoria)- “Tomorrow’s Lawyer: preparing for a new world 2018”

ANZ 2018 (Melbourne)-“The science of tribe”

Chilli IQ Managing Partners Forum 2018 (Victoria)- “What really is your competition and how do you meet the challenge?’

Australian Institute of Conveyancing Conference 2018 (Adelaide)-“Tomorrows Conveyancer”

The Ethics Alliance 2018 (Melbourne, Brisbane)- “Human Agency”

PWC 2018 (Hong Kong) – “PRP Quality Performance and dialogue skills”

Morgan Stanley ISG Connects 2018 (Hong Kong)- “the science of the mentoring relationship”

Morgan Stanley Female MD conference 2018 (Hong Kong)- “Confident and influential leaders”

ANZ Wealth and Digital Risk Conference 2018 (Sydney) – “The science of empowering conversations”

The Women’s foundation 2018 (Hong Kong)- “ Expanding your influence: Ensuring your message gets through at all levels”

IMF Bentham Global Conference 2018 (Hunter Valley)- “The science of successful negotiating”

IMF Bentham Global Conference 2018 (Hunter Valley)- “The science of decision making”

Holding Redlich Property Partner Conference Sydney (2018)- “Building confidence in yourself, team and colleagues”

Law Society of Tasmania Criminal Law Conference 2018 (Tasmania)- “Defending our sanity

Law Society of Tasmania Criminal Law Conference 2018 (Tasmania)- “The Human Science of ethics and professional decision-making”

Melbourne University Law School Transactional and Experiential Law Workshop 2018 (Melbourne)- “Leading the future – challenges facing the legal profession”

Academy for Chief Executives 2018 (London)- “Neurogenetics of Marketing”

ARUP conference 2018 (London)“Workplaces fit for humans”

Arup conference 2018 (London)“Aligning Arup with Human Design Specs”

Managing Partners Forum Technology Summit 2018 (London)- “The future of professional services”

PWC Away Day 2017 (Sydney)- “Backing agility with confidence, alignment and clarity”

Law Society of Tasmania Litigation convention (Tasmania)- “The science of influencing”

Icon ANZ Conference 2017 (Sydney) – “is Ai really the future”

HopgoodGanim Partner Conference (2017)- “Leading the future; defining high performance, the HG way”

Law Exchange International Autumn meeting 2017 (Dublin) – “The Future of Law”

Anderson Partners Partner Day 2017 (Hamburg)- “the Human Science of Law Firm Strategy and Leadership”

Law Exchange International Autumn meeting (Dublin) – “The Future of Law”

DBS Bank workshops 2017 (Singapore)

GRC Conference 2017 (Melbourne)

The Womens Foundation 2017 (Hong Kong)

MPF Strategy Group 2017 (London)

APSMA Forum 2017 (Melbourne)

ARK Growth Strategies Conference 2017 (London)

ALPMA HR Conference 2017 (Melbourne)

Holding Redlich Conference 2017 (Brisbane)

ComplyWith Conference 2017 (New Zealand)

CEO Institute talk 2017 (Brisbane)

APSMA Masterclass 2015, 2016 (Hong Kong, Sydney)

K&L Gates Partners Presentation 2014, 2016 (Melbourne, Sydney)

Lawlink Conference 2016 (New Zealand)

PwC Ethics Conference 2016 (Dubai)

GRC Institute Annual Conference 2015, 2016 (Melbourne, Sydney)

GRC workshops 2016 (Sydney, Melbourne)

ALPMA Conference 2015, 2016 ( Gold Coast, Melbourne)

AHRI Forum 2016 (Geelong)

Lawlink Conference 2016 (New Zealand)

Mirvac Conference 2015 (Sydney)

Avant Annual Conference 2015 (Sydney)

Allens Linklaters Partners Conference 2015 (Sydney)

Morgan Stanley Female MD conference 2015 (Hong Kong)

PwC Australia-Flexible Working Group 2015 (Sydney)

Nuplex Risk and Safety Conference 2015 (Brisbane)

Ark Group Managing Partner Round Table Panel 2015

HLB Mann Judd Annual Conference 2015 (Sydney)

HR Management @ Work 2015 (Sydney)

Bankstown/Liverpool District Safety Group 2015 (Sydney)

APSMA  Australia Annual Conference 2014, 2015 (Sydney

ANZ Loans Division Conference (Sydney, Melbourne)

BHP Billiton Risk Managers Conference 2014 (Brisbane)

Corrs Chambers Westgarth Partners Conference 2014 (Sydney)

Thomson Reuters Law Leaders Conference 2014 (Sydney)

Australian Law Leaders Forum 2014 (Sydney)

CEO Forum Group HR Director Forum 2014 (Sydney)

Thynne & Macartney Partners Presentation 2014 (Brisbane)

Mid-West Law Leaders Forum 2014 (Chicago)